As installers of the best gutter protection product on the market, we all understand that our businesses are hand-shake businesses. Ultimately, homeowners select us because they trust us to care for their home and install products that we will stand behind.

Building that trust can be challenging, especially before you enter your potential customers home. After all, the customer hasn’t met you yet! One great way to build that trust is by letting your potential customers hear from your previous customers – with online reviews!

Download our review request email templates here!

Why your 5-star reviews matter

Here at Gutter Cap, we believe in the positive power of online reviews. It’s not hard to see why – customers prefer home remodelers with online reviews , and they especially prefer home remodelers with LOTS of online reviews to build more trust.

By ensuring that your happy customers are reviewing you online, you are ensuring that your potential customers have an accurate preview of how great it is to do business with you.

Download our review request email templates here to get more 5-star reviews!

Gutter Cap is invested in your reputation

We are so confident that your great reputation will grow your business that we have invested in a partner to help you advertise your great reviews. The newly engineered Gutter Cap website presents your reviews directly into Google Searches.

Gutter Cap dealers who opt into our exclusive digital marketing partnership see the same advantage.

How to get more 5-star reviews

The key to building your online reputation is simple. You just have to ask! Your customers love the reliability of Gutter Cap and the safety of never needing to climb a ladder after you work on their home. Simply ask them for their feedback, and they will give it.

We’ve put together a series of review request emails for you that are proven to be effective. Feel free to borrow these emails and send them to your customers, either automatically through your CRM, or manually to your list of customers.

Download our review request email templates here!

You’ll see! Building your reputation is as easy as asking for reviews, and then enjoying your newfound source of customer trust.

We have a wide variety of proven marketing solutions to make your phone ring with local homeowners looking for Gutter Cap. If you haven’t already, ask us about our Marketing Partner Program for proven lead generation! Our foremost Gutter Cap dealers are killing it with dedicated lead gen.