Prevent Ice Dams With Heater Cap

Ice Dams can cause significant damage to your home

Preventing Ice Dams with Heater Cap

  • Prevent Ice Dams with a Heater Cap System

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When the weather turns for the worst, Heater Cap is a must! Winter ice and snow build up can lead to damaging ice dams, where standing meltwater is trapped on your roof and works its way into your home. Our cleverly designed Heater Cap system is built to prevent ice dams, allowing your gutters to safely direct water through your gutters and down to the ground.

Why are Ice Dams on Your Roof a Risk?

Ice dams are an avoidable hazard to your home during cold and snowy winters. Untreated, ice dams can cause serious damage to your home’s internal structure, as well as your gutter system and walk ways. Here are the risks you avoid with Heater Cap:

  • Ice is heavy, and can drag down your gutters
  • Ice can pry up roofing shingles, allowing water to penetrate the roof as the ice melts
  • Ice can trap water on the roof, causing internal mold and mildew as the water leaks in
  • Ice can trap water in your gutters and overflow the system, causing your exterior soffit and fascia to rot

How to Prevent Ice Dams

Our system attaches to your existing gutters and roof, presenting a streamlined look that does not distract from the attractive design of your home. The Heater Cap system gently warms your gutters, gutter protection, and downspouts, right where ice would form to cause ice dams and other damaging blockages. With our patented metal disbursement plate hardwired into your home, you simply set it and forget it – and your home is protected from ice dams and the expensive damage they can cause!

How to Install Ice Dam Prevention

Our ice dam prevention solution is designed to pair perfectly with your existing Gutter Cap. Installation is quick and will take less than a day, but requires an expert due to the electrical wiring component. We happily include expert installation in the cost, so you pay no extra for the added peace of mind knowing that your system is installed correctly. Our team of gutter experts will come out to your home and take care of all of the tricky ladder work for you!

To install ice dam protection, we affix our patented metal heat disbursement to the top of your gutter protection system. The Heater Cap is stylishly designed, and is scarcely noticeable with zero exposed wires to detract from your home’s beauty. Our team then hard-wires a heavy-duty, high-gauge heating cable to your home electrical system. We add a simple, user-friendly switch so that you can activate the system on demand. That’s all there is to it, one quick installation project and you are free from ice dams and dangerous pooling ice on your walkways, forever!

Ready to protect your home from ice dams with the industry’s best ice dam prevention? Outstanding! Our team is standing by to protect your home with Heater Cap, an affordable and effective solution to ice dams, trusted by thousands of homeowners. Give us a call today for a friendly, zero-pressure consultation with our local installation partners. Feel free to request a price quote by filling out the form on this page as well, and we will get you set up with a free measurement and consultation!


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