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Leaf filters in Burr Ridge

Hoping to not need to clean your gutters each year? Call Gutter Cap of Chicagoland for quality Burr Ridge leaf filter installation!

With our pros at Gutter Cap of Chicagoland, we hope to offer you the best Burr Ridge leaf filters available today for your Burr Ridge property. After you use our leaf filters, you can cease routine gutter cleaning forever! Our leaf filter system is engineered from the most sturdy composites, and fit on top of your existing gutter system, for the most effective leaf filters and the greatest convenience.

With our Burr Ridge leaf filters, you could:

See our Burr Ridge gutter guards and Burr Ridge leaf filters offerings.

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Do Burr Ridge leaf filters unclog your home gutters?

Our Gutter Cap leaf filters for Burr Ridge are built to capitalize on water’s fundamental characteristics to keep your home free from leaf clogs and blockages. Better than low-tech leaf filters, Gutter Cap builds in a subtle “hump” that sits immediately on top of your gutter system. This ridge is especially crafted to direct rainwater to run across it while gently adhering because of surface tension. The water then runs safely into your gutter system, using a path that heavy debris can’t handle! Leafy debris tumbles from your roof, lacking the opportunity to fill up your gutters.

Preferred Burr Ridge leaf filter installers

When you choose leaf filters from Gutter Cap of Chicagoland, your Burr Ridge gutter protection install project is planned and well-communicated. Our leaf filter is fixed directly above your household gutters. Some leaf filter installers use short-term mounting tools like aluminum clips or in some cases wood glue to fix gutter filters for your home.

Not with us! Our Burr Ridge leaf filter is attached just to your gutter for the best flexibility and convenience. If your property roofing is repaired or replaced, your leaf filter can be quickly put back on. Our gutter filters are built to match practically any roof with a pitch range of 1/12 to 12/12.

Get Burr Ridge leaf filters and leaf guards by Gutter Cap

Is today the day you finally are done with gutter cleaning? That’s outstanding! Our team would love to install Burr Ridge leaf filters for your home to help you live a less chore-filled and more relaxed life. Have our pros demonstrate for you how painless a home improvement project can be!

Give us a call today at (630) 420-2838 for 5-star Burr Ridge gutter protection!

  • Custom fits to existing gutters
  • Panels won't warp or collapes
  • Transferable Lifetime Warranites
  • 5 Star Rated gutter guards

Choose from a variety of colors, making it easy to match your existing gutters and roof. 

Gutter Cap installs over the first row of shingles and gutter.  The majority of debris is pushed off by the wind.  The remainder is flushed off through the principle of surface tension.  Rainwater adheres to the Gutter Cap and drains into the gutter while the debris falls to the ground.

There is consumer awareness that metal dome gutter protection systems are the most effective.  Gutter Cap takes the design even further with a fully rounded nose, and a patented trough system.  Gutter Cap has an installation training facility available in Chicago.  All installers that have passed the rigorous training course become factory certified.

Gutter Cap can be installed on almost any type of roof, shingle type, and pitch from flat roofs to mansards.  The patented design allows gutter cap to mount directly to the lip of the gutter without the use of clumsy brackets or clips.  The panel follows the contour of the roof and blends in with the roofline making it practically invisible. 

Why a Gutter Cap System

Why go through the misery of cleaning your gutters, Install Gutter Cap!

Gutter Cap of Chicagoland

480 Industrial Dr #108, Naperville, IL 60563

Protect Your Entire


A Gutter Cap System will protect your entire home from the foundation up to the roof. A clogged gutter can cause damage that can have significant impacts on your home. Gutter Cap will make sure your home asset is protected!

Roof Damage

Water in Basement

Fascia & Wood Rot

Foundation Damage


At Gutter Cap we make customer satisfaction our main priority.  See what our clients have to say:


Great product!  Gutter Caps do what they are supposed to do…keep leaves and debris out of the gutters!  I’ve had this system on my home for 12 years and couldn’t be happier.


Brian, Davenport IA

I’m glad I found them – they do great work, completed my project in a single day, and my entire experience from start to finish was excellent. The workmanship of the installation is really first class from end-to-end and I didn’t have to supervise a single thing, and there was nothing I’d change


Neil, Naperville IL

A really good product from a company who began gutter protection over 20 years ago. They have been innovators in the business for years.


John, Branson MO


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Gutter Cap offers quality products and expert installation services through our vetted Dealer Network to ensure that every job is installed with superior craftsmanship. Take a look at our photo gallery to see our hard work!

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