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How Gutters Work

The image above shows the truth about a poor gutter protection system.

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While you may not often think about it, water can cause tremendous damage to your home. Your gutters are designed and installed to direct water away from your home’s structural framework. In order to effectively handle rainwater and snow melt, your gutters and their downspouts must be free of debris and leaf litter. Your gutters must also have the correct angle, so that water can flow seamlessly and be drained by the downspout.

Signs That Your Gutters are Struggling

You may observe visible debris sticking out of your gutters or the telltale stains of water running down your siding. This likely means that you have a gutter blockage.

Improper Pitch
If your gutters have pools of stagnant water with no debris blockages, that means that your gutters are at the wrong angle. Too shallow an angle and pools water form throughout. Too steep of an angle, and the water does not effectively drain through the downspout, instead rushing right past.

If you see water dripping from your gutters or telltale signs of water on your siding, you likely have a leak. These often form at gutter joints or from holes that are caused by weather or wear and tear.

Sagging gutters
If your gutters hang lower at the middle, you have a problem. The gutter itself is pulling away from your home, which can be caused by heavy, sodden debris or by improper gutter installation using too few gutter hangers.

Damage Caused by Improperly Draining Gutters

Whatever the cause, your gutters can cause serious issues for your home if they do not drain properly. What starts with a small leak or pooling water can have serious consequences. Damage that can be caused by clogged or leaking gutters include:

  • Wood rot on your soffit and fascia
  • Warping concrete for driveways and walkways
  • Mildew and mold
  • Flooded Basements
  • Damaged home foundations
  • Damage to your roofing

How to Avoid Gutter Problems

The key to having a healthy home is having a well-functioning gutter system. For most homes, this involves regular gutter maintenance, especially gutter cleaning. No one loves this chore, but you need to ensure that debris has not clogged your gutters to avoid serious issues. Another option is installing gutter protection, which utilizes a Leaf gutter filters and removes the need for regular maintenance and ladder work!

Save Yourself the Hassle of Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters is a major pain. Handling rotting, dirty debris is bad enough. When you factor in that everything is done on a ladder, and often without the benefit of a helper to balance the ladder, you have the recipe for a dreary and dangerous day of labor.

Let us save you the trouble!

Here at Gutter Cap, our gutter guard solutions offer you an alternative to regularly climbing up a ladder and cleaning your gutters by hand. Our innovative Leaf gutter filtersing system keeps out more debris, giving you the peace of mind that your home is taken care of.


Gutter Cap installs over the first row of shingles and gutter.  The majority of debris is pushed off by the wind.  The remainder is flushed off through the principle of surface tension.  Rainwater adheres to the Gutter Cap and drains into the gutter while the debris falls to the ground.

There is consumer awareness that metal dome gutter protection systems are the most effective.  Gutter Cap takes the design even further with a fully rounded nose, and a patented trough system.  Gutter Cap has an installation training facility available in Chicago.  All installers that have passed the rigorous training course become factory certified.

Gutter Cap can be installed on almost any type of roof, shingle type, and pitch from flat roofs to mansards.  The patented design allows gutter cap to mount directly to the lip of the gutter without the use of clumsy brackets or clips.  The panel follows the contour of the roof and blends in with the roofline making it practically invisible. 

Why a Gutter Cap System

Why go through the misery of cleaning your gutters, Install Gutter Cap!



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Protect Your Entire


A Gutter Cap System will protect your entire home from the foundation up to the roof. A clogged gutter can cause damage that can have significant impacts on your home. Gutter Cap will make sure your home asset is protected!

Roof Damage

Water in Basement

Fascia & Wood Rot

Foundation Damage


At Gutter Cap we make customer satisfaction our main priority.  See what our clients have to say:


Great product!  Gutter Caps do what they are supposed to do…keep leaves and debris out of the gutters!  I’ve had this system on my home for 12 years and couldn’t be happier.


Brian, Davenport IA

I’m glad I found them – they do great work, completed my project in a single day, and my entire experience from start to finish was excellent. The workmanship of the installation is really first class from end-to-end and I didn’t have to supervise a single thing, and there was nothing I’d change


Neil, Naperville IL

A really good product from a company who began gutter protection over 20 years ago. They have been innovators in the business for years.


John, Branson MO


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