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Build More Business with Gutter Cap

Gutter Cap
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Tue, 23 Jul 2024
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Reach a 40-50% Closing Rate with Gutter Cap

We are seeing amazing growth this year across the Gutter Cap network. Our leading dealers are growing their revenue with fantastic products, trackable marketing, and a sales strategy that works. Among the best of the best, we see a 40-50% closing rate on appointments for gutter protection.

Closing percentages like you see for Gutter Cap really move the needle for growing your business!

Our team at Gutter Cap is always excited to help you grow your business. After all, if you win, we all win! Here are the common factors that we see at our most successful dealers, which you can feel free to duplicate for your own business.

More phone calls, more appointments, more installs, and revenue!

Revenue Starts On The Phone

The easiest way to grow your revenue is on the phones. If you listen to your recorded phone calls regularly, you know what I mean. Sales are slipping between the cracks, just because your phone team is missing a few key techniques they need to succeed.

Here is what you need to have a successful phone room operation that consistently converts inbound calls into successful sales appointments:

1) The phones should be staffed while customers are calling.

Review your phone logs. If you get most of your calls between 8AM and 6PM like the rest of us, be ready to answer your phones at these times.

2) Have a script for your phone team.

Your phone script answers common objections, so your customers have a consistently great experience calling you. This benefits you with a higher lead-to-appointment ratio, meaning more sales due to your outstanding closing rate.

3) Provide more calls.

A well-practiced team is an effective team. The more gutter protection calls you receive, the more you will turn into profitable appointmentsWe have a wide variety of proven marketing solutions to make your phone ring with local homeowners looking for Gutter Cap. If you haven’t already, ask us about our Marketing Partner Program for proven lead generation! Our foremost Gutter Cap dealers are killing it with dedicated lead gen.

Our leading dealers are taking advantage of explosive lead growth – more than double the start of summer!

When you line up the right talent and the right resources in your phone room, your business comes alive and the business practically grows itself. Watch as your business becomes more predictable and more profitable.

As always, just give us a call if you have any difficulty making this happen in your own business. With our leading dealers, we’ve seen dozens of different and successful implementations of these principles, and we are happy to help you adapt these techniques to your own business.

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